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A Window of Indonesia's Products & Investment

IBDexpo intensively showcases and introduces the products, services and investment from State owned Enterprises, national and international Enterprises in Indonesia. It provides overseas visitors a comprehensive understanding of Indonesia’s products, services, investment policies, information about construction of key projects, and ideal investment projects and partners. It also creates opportunities for introducing advanced technologies, management skills and specialized products from abroad. In last years, each session of the IBDexpo has attracted more than 5,000 overseas business professionals from Asia Pacific regions. Over the past successful sessions of the IBDexpo, a total of more than 56,126 visitors visit the events.

A Gateway to Indonesia

Last year, more than 112 State owned Enterprises from all sectors participate IBDexpo to promote their products, services and projects. IBDexpo serves as a high-end systematic platform for national and international business professionals to understand the latest products, services and investment opportunity of Indonesia, thus greatly saving costs from visiting each enterprises. IBDexpo provides you with the fastest access to information Indonesia’s products and services.

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